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Focus Here First Photo Contest

What do you think should be the focus and priority of the Downtown Station Area Specific Plan Update? Enter the City’s “Focus Here First” photo contest for the chance to win great prizes (to be announced) and have your photo featured in the DSASP Update!


This past spring, the City of Santa Rosa gathered input from hundreds of Santa Rosans about their visions, issues, and opportunities for the future of downtown. To address these issues, three unique alternatives (or concepts for land use, connectivity, and urban design) have been developed. Each alternative has a unique area of focus to test different strategies and spark thoughts on which concepts are the best way to reach downtown’s goals. One focuses on entertainment and a fun, big city feel, another prioritizes friendly neighborhood squares and plazas, and another envisions a lively and engaging streetscape.


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1.      Think about the change you’d like to see downtown. What is the top priority in planning for downtown Santa Rosa?

Maybe affordable housing is the most important thing to you. Where do you think it should go downtown? Take a picture of the perfect spot for it!

Love Napa’s Oxbow Market, downtown Windsor, or the Barlow in Sebastopol? Want to see more fun places downtown? Where would these go, and what would they look like?

2.      Here’s how to submit your photo:

Instagram or Facebook: Upload your photo and use the hashtag #plandowntownsr. In the caption or post, describe where your focus area is, why you picked your icon, and any other issues you’d like to see addressed.

Note: The City can’t see or access accounts that have been set up as “private” or partially private. Please set posts on Facebook to “public”. Only posts from public Instagram accounts can be viewed.

Email: If you don’t have a social media account or don’t want to change privacy settings, submit your photo and caption to and include your name.

3.      A winner will be selected randomly at the end of September- there are no limits to entries, so submit more photos for more chances to win a prize!

All input will be used to help shape the final concept that will form the basis of the DSASP update. Winners will have their photo featured in the actual Plan document. Let your voice be heard, and tell the City where to focus first!


  • If submitted through Instagram, the photo must include the hashtag #plandowntownsr. Otherwise, the picture will be disqualified.

  • Entries will be accepted between September 1st and September 30th, 10:00pm. Five winners will be chosen at random and notified within two weeks of the contest’s close. The winners’ photographs will become property of the city and will be featured in the DSASP Update with photo credit to the author.

  • There is no fee to enter the contest. The contest is open to all, and contestants may enter as many photos as they’d like.

  • The contestant must be the actual photographer for each image submitted under their name. No submitting Google images or other people’s work!

  • The City of Santa Rosa reserves the right to remove from the contest any submitted image that depicts illegal, unsafe, patently offensive, or otherwise inappropriate content, advertising, content implying City support or sponsorship, or any other content that the City deems contrary to the goals and intent of the contest.

  • Note: Please do not photograph any person or their belongings without their explicit consent. If a person cannot give consent, please do not photograph them. Any photo of an identifiable person submitted without that person’s consent will be disqualified.

  • By submitting, contestants must agree to the following:

    • I hereby give permission to the City of Santa Rosa or anyone authorized by the City of Santa Rosa to use and/or reproduce any or all digital images for any purpose including multi-media publications (print, Internet, broadcast television, presentations and internal City use) without compensation to me. The City will make every reasonable effort to ensure the creator of the image is properly credited when the image is used.

    • I understand that my submittal may be used in its entirety or in part and may be revised, modified, or combined with other images for use by the City and its designees.

    • I understand that any digital images submitted may be reviewed by the public and may be displayed in City and non-City facilities.

    • I have received permission from all person(s) in the photograph(s) for use of their image as part of my entry into the Focus Here First photo contest.

    • I certify that the photos I submitted are unique and original, taken by me, and do not infringe upon any copyright or patent.

    • I certify that I have read and understand the rules of the contest.